Be Proud

         Away to the mountains I went for Monday and Tuesday. When I go up there it is like I stepped into a dream world. I don't go anywhere fancy, or spend a lot on dinners and drinks. Just a couple good people, a cheap cabin, nature, snowboarding, hiking, and laughs. Getting away and having fun is so important for your mental health. Even just making small plans so that you have something to look forward to. 

        For me I like to go away and do things like snowboarding that make me feel accomplished and powerful in a beautiful place. I live in a crowded NY area and it can get stressful and depressing. However when you come barreling down a mountain you swore years before you could never come down you feel strong, and no longer thinking about your drama. Today I clocked in at my fasted speed yet and was so proud of myself. It's a great feeling to get better at something you work hard at. To be better than you were before, and know you can be even better is one of my favorite feelings. Sets a fire under me to chase that feeling. You should all be doing whatever you can to make yourself proud, and don't stop till you do. Now I'm feeling refreshed and ready for this 30 day challenge inside of my 365 day challenge.

Good night to anyone out there actually reading these blogs, or anyone who doesn't have someone to say good night to them. 

Love You


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