Choose Happy

Hello beautiful people. I am so sorry I have to blog two days together. I worked from 8am to 11pm last night, and let's get raw like I said....I went out for drinks instead of rushing home to blog. Honestly I am goin to have to get used to this daily thing as described in my first blog. It is an amazing feeling to come on today to write before I go to work at the bar tonight. I feel accomplished and happy that I am sticking with this. Which is the whole point of a 365 challenge or even a 30 day one. 

Yesterday was a challenging day for me. I just woke up feeling bad. I know you have all been there. Wasn't like I was sick, but mentally I was dealing with some depression as I usually do in the morning. I had to wake up early to take my roommate to the airport to go to Vegas, and I am not a morning person. This can be challenging for many people. Just getting up and going when feeling down can be difficult. What I do is make myself get out of bed and do something on my todo list. It gets you moving and feeling accomplished early in the day.

I also use what is around me to cheer myself up. Let me explain what I mean. When driving my friend to the airport she was getting super excited. Why wouldn't she be...going to Vegas and all. Now, most people would get jealous of such a feeling knowing it isn't them going. I however took that excited energy she had to fuel my day with positivity. Happiness is a choice and I'm afraid most people don't see that. 

Not going to lie...I woke up hungover and not feeling up to working today or tonight. I have a snowboarding trip tomorrow and that thought and excitement will get me through my day. I have chosen happiness, and from the moment I started choosing it happiness has been coming to me more and more. Now, I know there will be people out there thinking "well I don't have trips planned to get me through". My reply to you would be to plan more fun things on your days off. They don't even have to cost a lot of money, but just be things that bring you joy. Choose to be happy, and choose to live the life you want. No one else is going to do it for you. Love you all! 

Till tomorrow...


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