Don't fear death! Fear not living!

* This post was held because the information had not been released to the public yet. Thank you for understanding*            

                As I sit here and watch my roommates dad dig a grave for their 17 year old family dog I am thinking about life and death. The pour puppy will be put down tomorrow. She is in pain, and hey treated her wonderfully for years. Truly amazing doggie owners. I know he is sad, and how could he not be. He had to come home from FL to put down basically one of his kids. The stories I hear of this dog, and how she loved to play put a smile on the families faces as they told the stories. Is that not the same thing that happens at human funerals. A bunch of people celebrating their life, and how amazingly they lived it. 

               It is now day 9 and they had to say goodbye today to Jessie. I stayed up stairs with my puppy considering its a family event. When I came downstairs the whole family was around the grave saying their goodbyes. Both daughters and even the husband of one. Shortly after the dad went to the store and cooked everyone breakfast together. It was nice to be included in such an intimate time. Even a close friend of my roommate who has known the dog for years stopped by with her soon to be husband. My fist thought was how beautiful this family of random people are. Treating each other like family even if not in blood. My second though was "wow so many lessons in just one small event".

             The most important lessons that stood out to me where to live every day like it is the last so that when people celebrate your life....they actually have something to celebrate. And two is that families come in all shapes and sizes. Love, care, and support those around you. Treat them with love and you will be worthy of love in return. Friendships are the hardest relationships to keep real, and it takes two people...not one. So if you only have crappy friends make some new ones. If your family isn't good to you, someone will be. If you hate your life...CHANGE IT! Only you have the power to make changes in your life. The good news is you have so much power you are basically Harry Potter. 

Do something today that makes you happy with people you love. 

Jacqueline Faye

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