Forgive Yourself

        How much of your life is held back by things you have done in the past, or even worse things you have let others do to you in the past? How many fears do you have now because of situations you have been in or things you have done? It is never too late to become a better version of yourself. To change the things you don't like about yourself. Things not of a physical but a personal level.  Traits such as being too quiet and never speaking your mind, never going for your dreams because you didn't believe in yourself, chasing love in places no one could ever find it, and so on. I was not always a good person, but a better one today to be able to admit that. I could blame it on other people that have done me wrong like a father that never showed up to anything, or an ex that did me dirty for years. Or I could blame myself for lying all the time as a kid, or stealing for attention. But blame and anger have no place in a life of happiness and love. Sometimes the hate and anger you hold for others may seem like the right thing to do, but that only builds a poison inside yourself that can kill the fire within that shines of your unique passion and love. We all have it in there like an old lighter just waiting for a spark. Forgive yourself and let your healing begin. Remember who you were before you went through your tragedy, and mold that with the person that learned all the lessons from everything you have been through. Because that is all bad situations really are....lessons. And you can't leave the situation until you have learned the lesson. You will simply find yourself in the same situation over and over if you do not stop and take time to find the lesson and grow. After all, it is spring so we should all do a little gardening of our souls. 

Jacqueline Faye 


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