Power Music

   Have you ever wished there was a playlist to your life. I have wanted that pretty much my whole life. Right now would be the part of the movie where the person is about to but in some hard work to reach a goal and some badass music is playing the background. You need to go watch an uplifting movie where someone goes from zero to hero in their own life. Pay attention to how excited you get, or how badly you want that for yourself. 

     Now every day get up, put some music on that gets you pumped and get that todo list done, the workout, the task that has been jumping from todo list to todo list, get to the store for healthy food, and do whatever it takes to get you to your goal. Goals can be anything, and reaching them will make you feel amazing. Once you have hit one goal us that feeling as fuel for the next, Don't think about all the hard work it is going to take to reach set goal. Think about the amazing feeling it is when you reach it. Not only will that keep you motivated, but it will also help you reach your goals faster by keeping the right mindset.

That is enough for now. Plus my puppy is snoring so loud and it is so distracting haha. Love you all #GetUpGetMoving 

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