Real Dreams

                     So today didn't start out so well. I was depressed and didn't get much sleep. The reason for both is I get nightmares of traumas that I have been through. Thy are vivid and keep me awake. They also bring me back to the feelings I felt when the events happened. It is hard not to feel stressed or depressed when I wake up. Also, it makes me feel alone. 

                But you have to remember that sometimes you are meant to be alone to grow and learn lessons. You have to open your eyes and heart and look around to watch what life is trying to teach you. Don't be afraid or shy away. Just be strong and go do the work needed. In the end all we want is to love and be loved in return for exactly who we truly are. So go find what that is for you and work on it. If yo do that your depression will fade away like old paint. 

Keep your head up! You are worth the effort!


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