Surround Yourself With Happiness

               Again I am blogging two days together, but because I was in the mountains detoxing with no wifi or cell service. I am a huge snowboarder and hiker so the mountains are one of my many "happy places". For some people they simply move to their happy place so they can wake up in paradise every single day. Others of us are not that lucky. I myself would need a house on the beach, one in the mountains, and an apt in a huge city like NYC or Paris. 

              Till that time I keep my house full of things that make me happy. If you surround yourself with what makes you happy it makes it very hard to be in a bad mood. I even get candles in my favorite scents that make me feel happy or relaxed. I put quotes on post it notes and put them around my mirrors, and even at the front door as a last reminder before I head out into this harsh world that I am beautiful and powerful. Even my car has colors I like, a scent that keeps me calm (cause I drive in NY), and crystals for safe travels and protection. 

              This is just one of the techniques I use to keep myself from slipping into depression or feel like I want to just quit. This also works with people, jobs, and so on. You can even just put up pictures of places you want to go. Eventually you will travel to those places. You need to keep your mind on things you want NOT the things you don't have. The rest will figure itself out. Surround yourself with people that you want to be like, or that make you happy....the reason to be happy will follow. Trust in the process and let go. 

That's it for today. Hope this works for you. 


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