Use It or Lose It

                   What do you love? What are you passionate about, or maybe were as a kid but have lost the passion? Do you still do the things you love, or do you live in a life of work? Many talk about giving yourself time to shut off or decompress. Unfortunately they don't talk enough about spending time doing things they truly love and that makes them happy. If you stop using your gifts and talents they will go away. 

                   For me music is passion. I sing almost every single day. It can lift me up, heal me, or push me to my limits. I take mini cheap day trips on my days off to go snowboarding. Just today I went shopping however couldn't afford to spend a lot so I simply went to the dollar tree. It still made me feel better, because I love shopping. I also got my nails done cause I am a sucker for a spa or salon. These are small things, and maybe one day I will be able to do all that I love with no worry of money. Until then I will be happy and grateful for all I have. 

                Spend as much time on yourself as you do on all those around you. You are worth it and you deserve it. Even if you are a mom find the time. You will be a better mom when you are whole and happy on the inside. Happy mind, Happy heart, Happy Life!

Jacqueline faye 

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