We Need Rain

         Some love the rain however most people hate it. They can not see why it is needed not only in nature but in life as well. Without rain we would never have flowers, and nothing would grow. 

        This is an essential part of growth for the human mind and spirit. You will be put through many storms in your life. You must see the lesson in them rather than the fear and depression. If you could grow from every rainstorm that passed through your life you could be the most beautiful flower, tree, or whatever plant you find beautiful. I imagine an old weeping willow tree on a beautiful meadow. Full of rings of wisdom, beauty, and giving shade to those who need some rest. 

        Think of this when you are faced with troubled times, and I hope it helps you see the lesson and gets you through. Cause until you learn the lesson you will just keep living the same traumas over and over. 

Have a blessed day!

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